GSoC2017 (Fedora) — Week 3&4

I went to Guizhou and Hunan in China for my after-graduation trip last week. I walked on the glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie, visited Huangguoshu waterfallss and Fenghuang Ancient City, ate a lot of delicious food at the night market in Guiyang and so on. I had a wonderful time there, welcome to China to experience these! (GNOME Asia, hold in Chongqing, in October is a good choice, Chongqing is a big city which has a lot of hot food and hot girls.)

The main work I did these days for GSoC is carding and detailing the work about establishing the environment for Plinth in Fedora. I realize it by some crude way before, such as using some packages in Debian directly, but now I will make these steps more clear, organize the useful information and write them into INSTALL file.

But my mentor and I had a problem when I tried to run firstboot, I don’t know which packages are needed when I want to debug JS in Fedora, in other words, I want to find which packages in Fedora has the same function with the libjs-bootstrap, libjs-jquery and libjs-modernizr in Debian. If you know how to deal with it, please tell me, I’d be grateful.

GSoC2017 (Fedora) — Week 1

I’m very exciting when I got the email that I was accepted by Fedora in GSoC2017. I will work for the idea – Migrate Plinth to Fedora Server – this summer.

I attend my graduation thesis defense today, and I have to spend most of my time on my graduation project last week, so I only done a little bit of work for GSoC in the first week. I will officially start my work this week – migrate the first set of modules from Deb-based to RPM-based.

This is the rough plan I made with Mentor Tong:

First Phrase

  • Before June 5, Fedora wiki {Plinth (Migrate Plinth from Debian)}
  • June 6 ~ June 12, Coding: Finishing LDAP configuration First boot module
  • June 13 ~ June 20, Finish User register and admin manager
  • June 21 ~ June 26, Adjust Unit Test to adopt RPM and Fedora packages
  • Evaluation Phrase 1

Second Phrase

  • June 27 ~ July 8, Finish system config related models
  • July 9 ~ July 15, Finish all system models
  • July 16 ~ July 31, Finish one half APP models
  • Evaluation Phrase 2

Third Phrase

  • August 1 ~ August 13, Finish other app models
  • Final Test and finish wiki
  • Final Evaluation

Outreachy (GNOME) – Final

This is my last blog of Outreachy. During this period, I have finished the Chinese translation of GNOME 3.22, and completed most entries of GNOME 3.24, because it always emerges some new entries, so I talked with Mentor Tong and decided to accomplish 3.24 after the frozen-date and before the release-date. On the other hand, I improved the guideline of the Chinese Team – updated it on the basis of the last English vision and reference something from Free Software Localization Guide for Chinese (China).

About the future, I’ll completed GNOME 3.24 with other translators before 22th March, and I have some other ideas about the guideline of Chinese Team, I’ll try to implement them. Besides, I want to try making more contribution than L10n for GNOME, and I would love to become a module maintainer in this community which will making me more deeper at GNOME. Also, I’m trying to spread Outreachy to others, especially the Chinese girls.

I’d like to tell the applicants of round 14 or someone who want to apply it, DON’T BE SHY, show your personal abilities to your mentor as more as possible, and don’t be confined to the test she/he gave you. And if you are selected, an important thing is getting to know more people of your organization and many other interns, it will help you become fully integrated into the circle of FOSS.

Above all, that is a wonderful experience. Outreachy gave me a nice opportunity to learn and contribute to FOSS, thanks for the people who help me in this internship.

This work by Mandy Wang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Outreachy (GNOME)-W7~W10

The work I did in this month is not so much, because of the Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival. Spring Festival is the most important holiday for Chinese people. We Chinese believe that the Spring Festival is the right moment to review the year past and make plans for the year ahead.

In this period, I supplemented some new terms of GNOME 3.22 while the committer was submitting. I think maybe the Chinese (China) Translation Team need a extra committer, the work is too heavy to only one people who has another full-time job, so that it always piles up too many “translated” to review.

On the other hand, I’m translating the terms in GNOME 3.24. I have finished the apps of Accessibility and Utils, which are all committed in 3.22. It is estimated that it will reduce much workload of 3.24 if the 3.22 is committed fully, and I try to finish it in the next period.

This work by Mandy Wang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Outreachy (GNOME)-W5&W6

My plan was altered in this two-week, because the strings of GNOME 3.24 have not frozen yet and the maintainers of Chinese localization group told me the Extra GNOME Applications are more necessary to be translated than documents, so I began to translate the Extra GNOME Applications (stable) during this period.

As many applications are not familiar to me, I will install the application and find the strings in it when I met some strings which I can’t understand what they are used to, but you know, this process could be a huge waste of time. Mentor Tong suggested me it’s better to locate strings in the source code, I found that is a nice method because I can understand the means of the strings more clear and I can save time by it.

This work by Mandy Wang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Outreachy (GNOME)-W3&W4

During this period, I finished the UI translation of GNOME 3.22, I’m waiting to reviewed and committed now, and I met some troubles and resolved them these days.

After I finished the gitg, actually there are few strings remained before I began to deal with it, Mentor Tong said the gitg need to be reworked because some terms translated before didn’t fit the criterion of git glossary. He taught me to proofread them with the git glossary in Github, and I use this method when I meet other terms.

Other one is the orca, there are many Mathematical terms in it, and I’m not familiar with a lot of them, I saw the history and found that it drived many translators crazy. Fortunately, I searched a nice website – Unicode® character table, it’s very convenient to check unicode.

This work by Mandy Wang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International




Outreachy (GNOME)-W1&W2

My Outreachy intern has been begun for two weeks, and I have completed most UI translations items of GNOME 3.22 (stable). My work in this stage is listed in the the Plan-Table below:


I expect to finish GNOME 3.22 (stable)’s UI translations before December 25th, then I will merge the translations of 3.22 to the same items of 3.24, the work of 3.24 will be expected to finish before December 31th.

This work by Mandy Wang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International