Outreachy (GNOME)-W3&W4

During this period, I finished the UI translation of GNOME 3.22, I’m waiting to reviewed and committed now, and I met some troubles and resolved them these days.

After I finished the gitg, actually there are few strings remained before I began to deal with it, Mentor Tong said the gitg need to be reworked because some terms translated before didn’t fit the criterion of git glossary. He taught me to proofread them with the git glossary in Github, and I use this method when I meet other terms.

Other one is the orca, there are many Mathematical terms in it, and I’m not familiar with a lot of them, I saw the history and found that it drived many translators crazy. Fortunately, I searched a nice website – Unicode® character table, it’s very convenient to check unicode.

This work by Mandy Wang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International





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