Outreachy (GNOME)-W5&W6

My plan was altered in this two-week, because the strings of GNOME 3.24 have not frozen yet and the maintainers of Chinese localization group told me the Extra GNOME Applications are more necessary to be translated than documents, so I began to translate the Extra GNOME Applications (stable) during this period.

As many applications are not familiar to me, I will install the application and find the strings in it when I met some strings which I can’t understand what they are used to, but you know, this process could be a huge waste of time. Mentor Tong suggested me it’s better to locate strings in the source code, I found that is a nice method because I can understand the means of the strings more clear and I can save time by it.

This work by Mandy Wang is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International


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